Arrow Heating & Air Conditioning Service


  • Changing air filters is the simplest and most important thing a homeowner can do to insure the proper performance and longevity of air conditioning and heating equipment. A clogged air filter restricts air flow. When air flow is restricted, the air conditioner can not work properly, putting stress on the equipment. This shortens the life of the air conditioning and heating equipment. Further, a dirty filter leads to a dirty air conditioning evaporator coil. Cleaning or replacement of the coil is expensive.
  • Be careful when mowing around or near the air conditioning condenser. If the condenser is running, any dirt or grass that is stirred up around the unit will be sucked into the air conditioning coil. Turning off the a/c unit while mowing, will prevent this from happening. Additionally, do not blow any cut grass toward the unit whether it is running or not for the same reason.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature setting to account for periods when you are normally not home, like while you are away at work. This is a great energy saver. For example, during the summer, you leave for work every morning at 7:15. The thermostat will self-adjust from 72 degrees to 80 degrees. This will allow the house to warm up while no one is at home, greatly reducing the amount of time that your a/c unit will run during the day. If you normally arrive home in the evening at 5:30, the thermostat will self-adjust again at 4:45 to 72 degrees to have the house cooled back down for your arrival home.
  • Have your air conditioning and heating system inspected by a qualified technician biannually to keep your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency. An air conditioning system that is not properly charged will have longer run cycles which result in higher utility cost. Longer run cycles caused by poorly maintained a/c systems shorten the life of the air conditioning equipment resulting in expensive repair or replacement.